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Amazon’s Plan For Clean Energy

In the beginning of March, Amazon’s stock began to rise. The company that has proven their worth to the world has really been a huge help during COVID-19. With all of this money coming in for their business, Amazon realizes that they are creating a huge carbon footprint with the more warehouses they build and with the more deliveries they are making. The result of this has been their pledge for cleaner energy. Recently, they pledged 5 separate projects for cleaner energy:

  1. The first renewable energy project is based in Shandong China. The project that they are currently working hard on will generate 128,000 megawatt hours (mWh) of clean energy annually. This project is the first step to achieving 80% renewable energy throughout their company by the year 2024.
  2. The second project that Amazon is working towards is based in Australia. They have created a 105 MW solar project. This project will generate 250,000 mWh of clean energy each year. This number is large enough to power more than 40,000 average homes in Australia.
  3. The third Amazon project goes-hand-in-hand with the last two projects because they are all based within the United States. This project will be based in Ohio. A 200 MW solar project will begin.
  4. The fourth project is again based in Ohio. On top of their 200 MW solar project, they will also be installing a 80 MW solar project. These two projects will aid in not only their warehouses, but also future projects that they want to make sure are relying on clean, renewable energy sources.
  5. The last and final project that Amazon is committed to is based in Virginia. Amazon will be once again harvesting the benefits of solar power and creating a new 130 MW solar project. This project is a huge contributor to the United States because all of their projects combined add up to being able to power on average 69,000 homes per year.

As Amazon navigates their way towards cleaner energy sources, we can continue to order our favorite items with some of the fastest shipping. By realizing one of the largest companies in the world is making the switch to solar, maybe we all can reevaluate and see why solar can change our individual lives. Contact us to get started on your residential solar panel installation today.

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