5 Facts To Love About Solar Power

1. The price of solar is declining

As solar becomes more popular, more people are also beginning to realize that the cost of solar is declining. This is dependent on many things. For one, as solar panel technology advances, which makes the panels more efficient, the panels become less expensive because less is needed to get the job done. The gradual decrease in price is helping more people go solar than in the years before.

2. Solar is the most abundant form of energy 

This fact may be the easiest one to remember. Solar is a renewable form of energy. However, solar is not your average renewable resource. The power from the sun is the most abundant power source. The sun comes up every day with enough power to power the entire planet. 

3. Solar panels can last for up to 25 years

At Vision Solar, If you buy your panels, the lifetime of your panels could be the same situation. Your panels may last up to 30 years. What a return on investment!

4. Solar panels are becoming more available 

As the prices of panels begin to go down, solar panels are becoming more available to more people. When more people can afford the panels, this allows more people to save money! This is a great incentive to switch to solar. Solar panel installation is being encouraged in states that are pushing for more clean, renewable energy. 

5. Solar panels can save you money 

The savings that come from solar power are one of the major benefits that consumers recognize immediately, especially since your new electricity never goes unused or wasted. With net metering in place, the electricity that you produce during the day may be more than what you are using. Your panels then use this electricity to power your home throughout the night when the sun is not out. By using the extra energy that is generated throughout the day, your panels are essentially paying for themselves. On top of this, any excess energy that is produced that you do not use throughout the month will then be used as a credit for your bill. The average home will save upwards of 20% on their electricity bill each month. Your savings will create extra money that you can use on that vacation you have been planning since the beginning of COVID.

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