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4 Facts About Vision Solar

1. We Are Located In 5 Different States

Our corporate headquarters is located in Blackwood, New Jersey. However, did you know we operate and have offices in five different states. These states include: New Jersey, Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Around the clock we are ensuring each of our customers, no matter where you are located, is taken care of. As we continue to expand we hope to see many new faces in new states to build a lasting relationship and impact in your lives.

2. We Have Doubled In Size

Within the past two years our company has seen some major growth. As we learn more about others, we are also earning out ourselves. Over the past year we have hired over 150 employees to join our team to help with your solar experience. We take pride in knowing that we have hired someone who you can trust to help you with every single step of your solar panel installation process.

3. Our Logo Has a Purpose

Our logo serves one purpose, which is to represent our 7 values. Our core values and company culture live within our guiding principles. We developed our logo with 7 paths, each representing one guiding principle that completes our full circle of culture.

Our guiding principles include:
1. Customers are most important.
2. We are prosperous.
3. We leave it better than we found it.
4. We are family.
5. To give and to grow.
6. We are accountable.
7. No Excuses. Play like a champion.

4. We Install In 24-Hours

We know the installation process can be very stressful. We also know the construction of installation can be an inconvenience.  Because of this, we want to ensure the process is as effective and as quick as possible. After receiving the necessary permit, your solar panels, we will install your panels within 24-hours.


Solar energy can be a great addition to your home. At Vision Solar, we want to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Our relationship makes your installation process a more enjoyable experience. Installing solar power allows you to save upwards of 20% on your monthly electric bill. These savings can finally give you the freedom to put your money towards something else than your bills. To get started on your solar panel installation process, contact us.

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