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4 Alternative Uses For Solar Power

Our Vision Solar customers already know that solar power can be used to power their homes. However, we also want our customers to know what other alternative uses for soar power that there are. There are endless uses to solar power, as there are endless uses for electricity. These alternative uses for solar power can help you, along with many others, save money in so many areas of their lives.

  1. Solar Water Heating

Water heating systems are a new aspect of solar that are great especially for our customers with pools. Water is circulated to a collector where it is then heated by sunlight. This heated water is then pumped back into the pool. The payback for your solar heating system for your pool could as little as 1.5 years to 7 years. Solar water heating is a great addition to your solar panel system.

  1. Solar Heating

Typical uses of solar space heating systems include powering radiant floors or pairing with a Forced Hot Air (FHA) system to heat a home. Passive solar home design can also heat homes and businesses in the winter by taking into consideration the placement of windows and the selection of materials used in the building. Solar heating systems are an easy way to save money during those cold months, while also using clean, renewable energy.

  1. Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is a simple and easy way for you to save money on your lights outdoors. Many people have considered the solar lighting for their pathways to their front doors. Not only this, but with solar power, your lights will automatically turn on when the sun goes down. This saves you the trouble of having to turn those lights on with a switch. Instead, you can have the satisfaction that your landscaping is being lit up for an inexpensive price.

  1. Portable Solar

Portable solar is one of the new inventions within the past few years. Some example of portable energy include some personal electronic devices, or maybe even a battery for your electronic devices. This battery is powered with the sun and then can be used to charge your phone, headphones, radio etc.. These portable charges can come in handy especially when you are without an outlet to charge your battery.


These alternatives for solar power are continuing to become more accessible and affordable. As we navigate ways to save our customers money, we will continue to support the push for more solar. Our customers are savings upwards of 20% on their monthly electric bills. To get started on your solar panel installation contact us today.

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