Vision Solar : How Much Power Does My Ceiling Fan Use

How Much Power Does My Ceiling Fan Use

At Vision Solar we are constantly giving tips on how you can lower your energy usage. However, we have realized that this can be especially difficult if you do not know exactly how much energy each appliance is using individually. Each appliance uses a broad range amount of energy. Certain appliances use more than others and there are simple and easy ways to cut back on their energy consumption. Your ceiling fan may seem like a small appliance. However, over time, the energy usage adds up on your monthly bill.

Total Energy Usage:

The total amount of energy that your ceiling fan uses is always dependent on so many factors. These factors include:

  1. Type

Commercial ceiling fans can cool a home much quicker than a regular residential ceiling fan. The larger the fan, the more energy that will be used to power your fan.

  1. Size

The larger your ceiling fan is, the more energy it is going to use in order to cool your home or space.

  1. Location

Warmer locations are going to require more energy in order to keep the inside of  your home cooler. The temperature of your home is going to factor in when deciding how long to run your ceiling fan throughout the day.

  1. Season

Because warmer conditions require more energy, the seasons may fluctuate the amount of energy that is going to be needed. Warmer seasons will require more energy because your ceiling fan will be ran for longer.

  1. Usage

The amount of time the  that your ceiling fan is ran for will determine how much energy is being used within your home.

  1. Age

The older ceiling fan is, the less efficient it becomes. When efficiency is lessened, your fan will be using more energy throughout the day.

  1. Condition

Similar to the age of your ceiling fan, the condition is also a determining factor in how much energy is being used. If the condition is poorer, then the fan may be using more energy in order to spin and cool your home. This also will make you run the fan for longer if it is not spinning as efficiently as it once was in the beginning.


When energy is cut back on your ceiling fan, your savings can absolutely increase when you own solar panels. By making sure your ceiling fan is up-to-date and regularly checked, you can ensure that you are saving more. By switching to solar, your electricity bill will lower. We know you love to lower that bill which is why we are giving as many tips and tricks to save even more energy with solar power. To start saving money with solar contact us.


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